Gartner predicts that 30% of all our interactions with technology will be through “conversations” with smart machines by 2018. Siri was the first mass-market voice interaction service introduced in 2011. It was barely “conversational,” but did introduce the masses to human-computer voice interaction despite its sometimes unfavorable reputation. The Amazon Echo and its Alexa voice service was introduced in 2014. This represents the first mass-market conversational interface and the consumer reaction has far exceeded expectations. Mary Meeker of KPCB recently suggested that growth in Alexa use represents a rare instance when we can see the emergence of a trend while it is happening.

What does this all mean? We have entered the voice era. The visual web we have known since the early 1990’s is now complemented by the emerging voice web. People point back to the Mosaic web browser in 1993 and the Apple iPhone in 2007 as introducing tectonic shifts in computing. What changed was both the human-computer interface and the way humans related to and used computing. Alexa and the Amazon Echo will be viewed in much the same way in the years to come. Entire industries grew up around desktop and mobile computing in the earlier eras, we will now see a new industry emerge centered on voice communication and its primary enabling technology, artificial intelligence.

That brings us to Voicebot. Our goal is to gather in one place the most important news and commentary about all things voice web. While other publications will cover AI generally, chatbots or related technologies, our focus will be on the emerging voice segment. Voice is the user interface change that will drive a new industry and a new way for people to interact with and control computing resources. We will publish both original content and provide links to third party content at Voicebot.ai and distribute an email newsletter. The editorial decisions are solely the responsibility of the Voicebot team and do not necessarily reflect those of our partners, customers or other organizations.

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